Sellers: Could you handle 27 offers for your home?

This question is more than a hypothetical; my sellers faced this exact situation this month. Some agents would be overwhelmed but I created a simple one-page “offer dashboard” showing all the offers sorted by price and offer terms with easy Cloud-based hyperlinks to so that they could see the supporting offer documentation including offers, buyer loan pre-approvals, and bank statements.

With so much demand for the home, I used professional negotiation get a top offer that was 4.2% higher than the highest price that the sellers expected. This was a probate sale and the Court Administrator’s simple message back to me was, “fabulous job!”

Now I don’t recommend shooting for 27 offers. In this case it was a home that hadn’t been updated in 40 years so it attracted both “flipper” investors and private buyers. What I do recommend is right-pricing your home to create competition that I can use to your advantage.

So the simple answer to the above question is, “Yes, you could handle multiple offers easily with my one-page offer dashboard and negotiating skills!